Thursday, April 5, 2012

How I gained 1 kg in 3 days?

I'm a hard gainer in the issue of weight. Sometimes I felt so pity with myself as I'm too thin but sometimes I do feel happy and proud with my body since I don't have to follow on a cruel diet schedule to be this skinny. Hehe. Well that's normal for human I think, always being ungrateful for what they have while keep hoping for what they don't have. Right?

But I really gained 1 kg last week without that much effort. Hihi. Maybe some of you might think gaining 1 kg is 'too kacang'. But for me: How amazing!!!! So how did i actually gained that extra kilo? The answer is,

A great escape :)

Now I'm back to my normal life and I lost that 1 kg back. Dem.