Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Iftar with the girls

Ramadan. Friends. Food. 



p/s: wearing long skirt made me feel so ayu that night. haha

Pavlova pertama

I was badly craving for pavlova since I saw this cake being massively reviewed on facebook, magazines, instagram and such. From what I observed, most Malaysians love this cake sooo much! So I really wonder how fantastic the taste is. I did asked my best friends as well, where to get those delicious pavlova and their answers are exactly the same as what I captured on the social media. Serai's Pavlova it is!

So, with the high degree of curiosity plus the gigantic nafsu that you have during Ramadhan, I drove to Empire Subang, all the way from Port Klang. Alone. Quite an effort. Haha. Omay omay. Sometimes I realized that I always had this serious possession on food. Tak padan dengan badan kan.

I arrived at Empire few minutes before break fasting and managed to take away that beautiful slice from Serai. Well Malaysian, I have tasted the cake named pavlova and I can say that...

                                                   Here is my pavlova.

Tak de lah sedap mana punnnnnn! The taste was just ok for me. I was expecting moreeee! (The same feeling I had when I first tasted IKEA's meatballs)

Conclusion is:

1. Malaysians love to overrate something that is considered popular
2. Malaysians go foor look
3. Cheese cake tastes better :)

Sorry pavlova lovers. You don't have my vote.
Salam Ramadhan & Selamat bersahur.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flowers and beads

I've been quite silent lately because I'm currently too busy with many many things. Work of course plus something that is sweet and meaningful for my bestfriend. Hehe. Ok, let's go straight forward as I don't have that much time. I am now doing some preparation for my friend's engagement, preparing her hantaran to be exact :)

Quite a challenge for me because I used to make hantarans with my mom. She will be the mastermind for the whole process and I would be the loyal assistant/commentor. But for now, I'm doing my friend's hantaran alone, all by myself. No mommy, no assistant. With the bunch of works at the office, pheww.

Honestly, I can't fathom why she's giving me so much trust. Knowing me as a not so detail person, she is totally taking risk, bravely. Haha. (saje nak takutkan dia) But anywho, I really love this task. Instead of getting online for facebook, I am now spending my after-work time with some craft works. Sounds so girlish and artistic, I know.

Sneak peek

By the way, tomorrow is my other bestest friend's engagement. See, my weekend is fully occupied these days. But you know what? It's good to get busy when Mr Boyfriend is miles away at the sea, drilling some money for the future. At least you won't feel too bored and lonely, kan. 

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ahad tanpa arjuna

Sastera habis tajuk.

Hujung minggu aku memang selalu terisi dengan baik dan cemerlang. Tak pernah lagi aku rasa kesunyian bila datang Sabtu Ahad. Sebagai seorang wanita bekerja yang kurang berjaya, weekend adalah masa yang paling aku rasa bahagia. Sebab boleh jumpa Abang Jambang dan juga teman-teman wanitaku. Hehe.

Cukuplah Sabtu untuk Si Jambang. Jadi Ahad boleh dating dengan girlffriend. Gadis terpilih untuk minggu ini adalah...... Mar! Disebabkan dia keseorangan minggu ini (Arjunanya berada di laut), jadi aku telah berbesar hati untuk date dengan dia. Minggu lepas aku date dengan Fath, tu pun sebab Arjunanya balik kampung. Bagus juga aku ni, macam mesin kasih sayang. Hehe.

Tengok, Mar sangat happy dapat makan asam pedas dengan aku
Mar bertambah happy bila masuk kedai ni
Mar sibuk shopping kasut dan untuk mengawal nafsu, aku duduk diam posing sorang-sorang
Aku mampu tahan nafsu shopping dengan bergambar. Teknik berkesan tapi muka tak puas hati.
Kami telah buat Body Fat Analysis dengan percuma. Ternyata aku perlu tambah lemak dan otot-otot badan.
Mar juga gembira bila minum petang bersama. Hehe.
Sebelum balik, Mar hadiahkan aku kek Choc Moist sebagai ole-ole. Alahai sweetnya Mar.. Kan?

Esok kerja. Mencari rezeki macam biasa.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

She's engaged!

I don't know how to describe that feeling, seeing a smile on her face when she finally found someone who can always wipe her tears whenever she's in need. :)

Like a princess kan

Waiting her MATE. Eh? 

Congratulations my dearest Bell for that ring on your finger!! As your love advisor, I am really really happy for you even though you are now one (or perhaps more?) step ahead from me. Hehe.

Again I want to say, I'm too happy for you Bell.. ;)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How I gained 1 kg in 3 days?

I'm a hard gainer in the issue of weight. Sometimes I felt so pity with myself as I'm too thin but sometimes I do feel happy and proud with my body since I don't have to follow on a cruel diet schedule to be this skinny. Hehe. Well that's normal for human I think, always being ungrateful for what they have while keep hoping for what they don't have. Right?

But I really gained 1 kg last week without that much effort. Hihi. Maybe some of you might think gaining 1 kg is 'too kacang'. But for me: How amazing!!!! So how did i actually gained that extra kilo? The answer is,

A great escape :)

Now I'm back to my normal life and I lost that 1 kg back. Dem.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a purple wedding

A beautiful wedding it was. It took us more than 8 hours journey to be there, witnessing her joy and happiness being a wife to a man whom she loves deeply. Some of us willingly took leave to travel with the day light and some courageously travel at night. Restless, by ignoring our beauty sleep, we just don't care. Anything for our beloved Ty. ;)

A marvellous ANTM-like homestay in the middle of Kota Bharu. TY-ra mail! Haha. Worth the long tiring journey. Seriously.

Here she is. Puan Azeanty with Miss Omay. She's a Puan?? oh em..

My own beadworks on the chest of my kurung. I know it is too simple but I love it anyway. Fit the purpose, to kill the pale look of my plain kurung and to avoid being similar to a pustakawan sekolah. You know, that purple uniform at school? That was exactly how my kurung looked like without that beads. Hehe.

These girls are my housemates slash sisters slash best friends. We've been together through ups and down, laughs and tears, thick and thin for nearly seven years. My lovely ladies. ;)

Too sweet. Love the way our kain laid nicely on the dais with the tone. Tips for a nice wedding photo, you must know how to play around with colours. 

No more man in the world. That's what we call Girl Power! Haha~

And a superb goodbye breakfast at Nasi Kerabu Cherang before we left KB on the next day. Must go! (again)

To my eldest housemate, Ty:

Be a good daughter to your parents,
Be a good wife to your husband,
Be a good (bekeng) sister to us as always.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living glamourous

Pampering yourself after a hard week doesn't necessarily means spending a big amount of money to have a full package of complete body massage or an expensive spa treatment. It would be just enough with buying a cheap groupon deal and the result is still satisfying. Oh and the best part is, when someone with a kind heart bought you that special groupon voucher. Hehe. Thank you!

Body tegak sebab feeling awkward as this is the first time performing manicure pedicure at beauty house. Selalu buat sendiri je guna nail polisher RM 7.90 beli kat Guardian tu. Bila orang buat rasa geli-geli pulak tambah-tambah kat kaki. hihi~

Enjoying the moment. At this angle, kaki look larger than normal pulak.

After 10 minutes, awkward no more. Terus ada feeling ala-ala bini orang kaya. Amiinnnn~ ;)

Cheery face was portrayed after the precious few hours of manicure, pedicure, and hair styling. 

Yes, you can have it all at Glamor House, Bangsar 

Thank you Mr Boyfriend for this whole pampered moment experience. A good boyfriend is someone who can be the best girlfriend for you =)