Sunday, November 27, 2011

wedding dress

Just watched Breaking Dawn with Mr Boyfriend. Oh, I really can't take my eyes of Bella's wedding dress. Simple yet lovely. 

Gorgeous kan especially at the back side. =)

p/s: kind of cool to have a wolf boyfriend. boleh dating dalam hutan sambil lari laju-laju. so fast and furious! ok, merapu. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

kakak angkat

This is my kakak angkat

i adore her so much
i love her BEAUTIFUL face
i love her SWEET smile
i love her SEXY N SLIM body figure
i love her KECOH attitude

i really fall in love with her GORGEOUS kurung moden (nak buat macam ni la nanti)
and i just love everything about her
she's my role model 
i love u kak erra ;)

P/S:Kalau ada contest apa-apa and the reward is makan malam bersama erra, please let me know! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

lucky am i

I have always been dreaming of getting a bouquet of flowers for my birthday.
But I don't have that courage to tell him how much I love to have them because you know, he's not that soft hearted-romantic-lovey-dovey type pun. He doesn't meoww, but he roarrsss! Haha, u got me? I'm confident enough, he will totally laugh at me if I request such things.

So it's better to just leave my dream far far away. As the song says, it was too good to be true. =(


But, suddenly, this thing was delivered to my office yesterday. Ya, Allah! Biar betul mamat neh!

24 blooming roses for a 24 years old lady. Thank you honey!! You are way sweeter than I  ever thought and I'm very lucky =)

Life happens when you least expect it. 

Wait, you can really read my mind or what?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

menari dalam kegelapan

hidup kita umpama roda. 
kadang kat atas, kadang kat bawah.
tapi bila kat atas, rasa takut.
takut sangat.

risau jatuh meluncur ke bawah. =(

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dewasa ini, aku semakin menjadi pemandu yang tegar.
Tanpa aku sedar, banyak usia aku habis di jalanan.
Kereta, radio, dan lebuh raya sudah menjadi teman seperjuangan.

Sampaikan suatu ketika, aku nak buka pintu bilik aku, apa aku buat?

Aku keluarkan kunci kereta dan tekan butang di kunci tersebut. Ingat pintu bilik tu pintu kereta kah?

Dah 2 kali benda ni berlaku.

Errr. Songsang sudah otak aku kadang-kadang. -_-"

Thursday, November 3, 2011

of songs and memories

When I hear songs, I can really rewind back to the memories that took place in my life before. I guess it happens to you as well sometimes. Ye dok mung? Kind of interesting actually, thinking of how your mind can relate to sounds. 

For example:

Stick with you, by Pussycat Dolls:
I remembered the 2nd semester of my foundation study in UTP. I was single (and naughty) at that time. Hehe. I remembered eating nasik lemak 2 bungkus with my rumate after attending the Math Tutorial every Monday afternoon. We didn't learned that much, but we got hungry much =)

Dealova, Once:
I remembered my 1st year degree study.I remembered my happy moments with beloved housemates at 5.1 apartment, sharing food and gossiping at the kitchen. I remembered the feeling of getting "in a relationship" for the very 1st time in my life. Asal free je pergi dating. Indahnya dunia ada boyfriend =)

Dan sebenarnya, Yuna
I remembered my life during internship. I remembered the engineers in PFK. I remembered the fully-utilised-weekends. I remembered wearing coverall to the karoke box. Indahnya intern =)

Just can't get enough, Black Eyed Peas
I remembered working with my previous company, around KLCC. I remembered Kak Maria. I remembered  the date-after-work-moment. I remembered dating with him in the train.  =)

See, life is beautiful as you remember it. Guide your memory with sounds and music. =)