Tuesday, February 8, 2011

POLKA DOTS: never go out of style

All of a sudden, I am in the mood of talking about fashion here. And Yes, polka dots have inspired me and my family a lot. Without noticing, these prints have grown up in the family beyond generations like ages. There you go, let us witness my hard work and lovely effort to scan these pictures. =)

My grandmother was wearing a polka dots kebaya when she was in her late 60's. (This was  captured in 1992 if I'm not mistaken. Not really sure lah) See, being a grandmother never stopped her from being hot and in style. She is a true fashionista, doesn't she? Awesome la tok!

1993, my mother was wearing a dark green jacket with white polka dots print. She paired it well with a brown tapered pant. This was how she used to look when she went to the office back then. Wow, what a great taste in fashion, mommy! (by the way, why did all of you, loved to hold my sister?? and why not me?? ok, she's cuter and gebu-er.. and i looked like an abandoned kid next door. FINE!)

Picture of me and polka polka?? Next time maybe.. Hehe.. Oh yes, need to find a tapered pant as well! Mak pon ade, tak kan anak tak ade plak kan?? =)

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