Thursday, November 24, 2011

lucky am i

I have always been dreaming of getting a bouquet of flowers for my birthday.
But I don't have that courage to tell him how much I love to have them because you know, he's not that soft hearted-romantic-lovey-dovey type pun. He doesn't meoww, but he roarrsss! Haha, u got me? I'm confident enough, he will totally laugh at me if I request such things.

So it's better to just leave my dream far far away. As the song says, it was too good to be true. =(


But, suddenly, this thing was delivered to my office yesterday. Ya, Allah! Biar betul mamat neh!

24 blooming roses for a 24 years old lady. Thank you honey!! You are way sweeter than I  ever thought and I'm very lucky =)

Life happens when you least expect it. 

Wait, you can really read my mind or what?

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