Thursday, November 3, 2011

of songs and memories

When I hear songs, I can really rewind back to the memories that took place in my life before. I guess it happens to you as well sometimes. Ye dok mung? Kind of interesting actually, thinking of how your mind can relate to sounds. 

For example:

Stick with you, by Pussycat Dolls:
I remembered the 2nd semester of my foundation study in UTP. I was single (and naughty) at that time. Hehe. I remembered eating nasik lemak 2 bungkus with my rumate after attending the Math Tutorial every Monday afternoon. We didn't learned that much, but we got hungry much =)

Dealova, Once:
I remembered my 1st year degree study.I remembered my happy moments with beloved housemates at 5.1 apartment, sharing food and gossiping at the kitchen. I remembered the feeling of getting "in a relationship" for the very 1st time in my life. Asal free je pergi dating. Indahnya dunia ada boyfriend =)

Dan sebenarnya, Yuna
I remembered my life during internship. I remembered the engineers in PFK. I remembered the fully-utilised-weekends. I remembered wearing coverall to the karoke box. Indahnya intern =)

Just can't get enough, Black Eyed Peas
I remembered working with my previous company, around KLCC. I remembered Kak Maria. I remembered  the date-after-work-moment. I remembered dating with him in the train.  =)

See, life is beautiful as you remember it. Guide your memory with sounds and music. =)

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