Friday, January 27, 2012

Bring back the old me

I'm quite worried with myself lately. For this 8 months, I have been working with guys, eating wih guys, meeting with guys, talking with guys, laughing with guys, smoking with guys (eh tak, teman je) and most of the things I did are with guys. I can't escape from all this as this is part of the nature of my job. I'm not worried about having scandal or stuff. No, that will not happen because I'm a good girl, you see. I know my limit and my barrier plus I already have a garang tapi baik punya boyfriend. Hihi~ ;)

So what makes you worry much Omay? Well it's actually my language. Yes, language. Bahasa. Bahasa jiwa bangsa. Lately, I tend to use harsh language, harsh words in my daily conversation. My closed friend noticed this and awoke me from being dragged further.  I am not choosing it nor doing it in purpose, but they still came out from my mouth eventually. I guess this is the effect of mingling too much with men but I'm not accusing them for all this. It's actually on me. I have to stop being too adaptive with surrounding kot? As an advice to myself and to all the girls out there, try to minimize the usage of that harsh words. It's not sweet for us to converse in such manner. Let men be in their way, but us remain sweet as we always do. Be it in text message, email, twitter or facebook, try to behave, ok? 

I am very lucky because I have many girlfriends and all my siblings are girls. Whenever I meet them, I can re-energize back all the girly charges in me. Hehe. So pardon me for being extra gedik in my post sometimes as I am in the mode of stabilizing myself out and to bring back the old me. The lembik - ayu Miss Omay. Haha~

Again, Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa. Have a good weekend dearies!

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