Monday, January 2, 2012

just for the eyes, not the pocket

It's 2012. Time accelerates but I am still here, being the same Miss Omay. I still act like a kid at times, still not matured enough, still not able to put on weight even I eat a lot, still capable in making stupid errors, still not stable when walking with extra inches, still have pimples, still feeling super lazy to wake up from bed, still can't afford for a vacation overseas, still having the same boyfriend (eh?), still afraid of cats, and the still list continues so and so. In conclusion, I didn't improve much from year to year. So is it obvious that I'm the kind that don't really set high expectations in life? Hehe. Whatever. But hey, at least I earn my own money for a living and I'm really grateful for that . ;)

1st day of 2012, I still love to spend my weekend with my dearies and will always do. Shopping? Nope, just a normal window shopping which is a really good practice to feed your eyes with beautiful things without the cash flows.

adorable.don't buy.
gorgeous. just for the eyes.
busy or sleep. don't choose.
colourful. just for a picture.
hungry. eat for your tummy.
delicious. not really.

This time, it was a successful window shopping. Walking without spending. Truly a healthy lifestyle. Let's manage our money wisely this year. Happy New Year people. :)

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