Sunday, February 26, 2012

a purple wedding

A beautiful wedding it was. It took us more than 8 hours journey to be there, witnessing her joy and happiness being a wife to a man whom she loves deeply. Some of us willingly took leave to travel with the day light and some courageously travel at night. Restless, by ignoring our beauty sleep, we just don't care. Anything for our beloved Ty. ;)

A marvellous ANTM-like homestay in the middle of Kota Bharu. TY-ra mail! Haha. Worth the long tiring journey. Seriously.

Here she is. Puan Azeanty with Miss Omay. She's a Puan?? oh em..

My own beadworks on the chest of my kurung. I know it is too simple but I love it anyway. Fit the purpose, to kill the pale look of my plain kurung and to avoid being similar to a pustakawan sekolah. You know, that purple uniform at school? That was exactly how my kurung looked like without that beads. Hehe.

These girls are my housemates slash sisters slash best friends. We've been together through ups and down, laughs and tears, thick and thin for nearly seven years. My lovely ladies. ;)

Too sweet. Love the way our kain laid nicely on the dais with the tone. Tips for a nice wedding photo, you must know how to play around with colours. 

No more man in the world. That's what we call Girl Power! Haha~

And a superb goodbye breakfast at Nasi Kerabu Cherang before we left KB on the next day. Must go! (again)

To my eldest housemate, Ty:

Be a good daughter to your parents,
Be a good wife to your husband,
Be a good (bekeng) sister to us as always.



  1. selamat pengantin baru.... cantek kaler ungu :)

  2. Wawa: very purple kan.. Hehe..
    Fz27: bkn sy pengantin.. Huhu.. Mmg cantik pepel.. Very soothing..

  3. aku br bukak blog mu. xsempat nk stalk awal2.huhu...nausea seriously makes me feel to do nothing...bakpo la~~

    ty via qalbi.hehe

  4. Xpo la ty.. Xyah wat gapo2.. Rehat banyokkk.. Makan ape yg leh telan je.. Biase la first trimester ni kan.. Pasni ok la..