Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flowers and beads

I've been quite silent lately because I'm currently too busy with many many things. Work of course plus something that is sweet and meaningful for my bestfriend. Hehe. Ok, let's go straight forward as I don't have that much time. I am now doing some preparation for my friend's engagement, preparing her hantaran to be exact :)

Quite a challenge for me because I used to make hantarans with my mom. She will be the mastermind for the whole process and I would be the loyal assistant/commentor. But for now, I'm doing my friend's hantaran alone, all by myself. No mommy, no assistant. With the bunch of works at the office, pheww.

Honestly, I can't fathom why she's giving me so much trust. Knowing me as a not so detail person, she is totally taking risk, bravely. Haha. (saje nak takutkan dia) But anywho, I really love this task. Instead of getting online for facebook, I am now spending my after-work time with some craft works. Sounds so girlish and artistic, I know.

Sneak peek

By the way, tomorrow is my other bestest friend's engagement. See, my weekend is fully occupied these days. But you know what? It's good to get busy when Mr Boyfriend is miles away at the sea, drilling some money for the future. At least you won't feel too bored and lonely, kan. 

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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