Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pavlova pertama

I was badly craving for pavlova since I saw this cake being massively reviewed on facebook, magazines, instagram and such. From what I observed, most Malaysians love this cake sooo much! So I really wonder how fantastic the taste is. I did asked my best friends as well, where to get those delicious pavlova and their answers are exactly the same as what I captured on the social media. Serai's Pavlova it is!

So, with the high degree of curiosity plus the gigantic nafsu that you have during Ramadhan, I drove to Empire Subang, all the way from Port Klang. Alone. Quite an effort. Haha. Omay omay. Sometimes I realized that I always had this serious possession on food. Tak padan dengan badan kan.

I arrived at Empire few minutes before break fasting and managed to take away that beautiful slice from Serai. Well Malaysian, I have tasted the cake named pavlova and I can say that...

                                                   Here is my pavlova.

Tak de lah sedap mana punnnnnn! The taste was just ok for me. I was expecting moreeee! (The same feeling I had when I first tasted IKEA's meatballs)

Conclusion is:

1. Malaysians love to overrate something that is considered popular
2. Malaysians go foor look
3. Cheese cake tastes better :)

Sorry pavlova lovers. You don't have my vote.
Salam Ramadhan & Selamat bersahur.

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