Tuesday, November 2, 2010

awaken love in me

Dear November,

Hey, how are you? i hope are in the pink of health. As you know, I am always a super-big fan of you. I don't really love Mr October, that's why I'm so glad that u come to my life again, November. Welcome back baby!!!! (Say Goodbye to October's gloom!!!) I really really hope that you will give me more bliss and mirth and smiles in this month. Besides this cool weather and public holidays (which i don't care much at the moment), bring in some MIRACLES, ok??. Yes, that miracles to me, family and friends. So please honey, please treat me well in this month. Because all of us know, you are the Sweet November. =)

Oh btw Mr November, can you please slow down just a little. I mean I can't go much slower, but maybe you could. I don't want to be a year older that soon. Hope you will understand. Hehe~ I would really appreciate it. Again, I adore u November!

November's Baby

have you guys watched this movie, Sweet November?

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