Friday, October 29, 2010

25 random things about me??

satu dua tiga, here we go..

1. I am the eldest in the family, with 3 younger sisters. ALL GIRLSSS ok~
2. Love pink soo much!! obviously.. hihi~
3. A gossip girl. I don't seek for it, the gossip will try to catch me first. Always.
4. My BMI: underweight. never a normal person. anyone interested to transfer their lemak to me??? i'm waiting!!!!
5. Oh ya, saya menyaksikan kejadian tsunami secara life dekat Feringghi Beach dulu. i was there. alhamdulillah, saya terselamat.. T_T
6. Saya tak pandai drive. Lesen ada tapi simpan buat perhiasan. Nak tunggu ada kereta sendiri baru nak drive kononnya. Merajuk dengan abah. Kedekut kereta. 
7. I don't smoke. 
8. Laksa is my life! I'm so touched if you treat me with a bowl of laksa. That was what my boyfriend did when he was in the process of mengurat me. *melting terus*. brilliant tactic!
9. Love double cheese burgerr.. hey, how can u not love double cheese burger????? 
10. My current Secret recipi obsession: Raspberry cheese cake. Yummmmm~
11. My favourite pose for photoshoot: Cekak pinggang!
12. Humairah ialah Organisma berjerawat.
13. I wear braces. UUUUUUUUU <----- A  group of lining up teeths
14. Error is a friend of mine. i'm unique because of that, u know. haha~
15. Have the ability to immitate people successfully.
16. My parents are super funny. Love them soo much!
17. My friends said that i am a very patient person. I think they are not lying.. =)
18. Referring to no 17, only "lucky" people can make me feel reallyyy angryyy. Peace!
19. I can keep your secret safely with me..
20. I love my friends so much. muah muah muah! *huggsss*
21. Perempuan yang tidak mudah merajuk.
22. Saya sangat mudah dibela. tidak banyak songeh. 
23. I am a really good girlfriend. loyal lover. (bila lagi nak puji diri sendiri.. )
24. I enjoy reading Anjung Seri
25. Sekarang sangat bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang engineer di P.

Thank you my new friend, Aryana for tagging me.. 
Seriously, i thought that 25 random things were tooo manyy, but when i reached at no 23, i felt like writing moreee n moreeeee.. heeee~
Loveliess out there, feel free to jot down your 25 things also.. 
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. tu lah.. i read your entry tadi..
    geng braceface la nih.. haha~

  2. woot woot..
    kita sama.. ada lesen tp penakut nk drive.. hehehe

  3. hihi~
    bila nak brani ni eh.. asek jd co-driver jer..