Sunday, August 28, 2011

a room of improvement

This is definitely one of the best place for girls, - a room of improvement.
What do we do in this room? (other than trying out new shopping items)

1. Fixing tudung/shawl/whatever to be tuned

2. Strengthening the bonding between sisters (?)

3. Strengthening the bonding between sisters version 2

4. Strengthening the bonding between sisters version 3 (bley tahan poyo jugak adik-adik aku nih)

5. Yeah, we do get bored in this room at times

6. So, before the salesgirl knock on the door, you should better take one last bajet-comel-shot, like this. Alololololo~

7. Just wondering, would it be nice if the room of improvement is equipped with such comfy sofas? Baru best.

In conclusion, there is a lot of things to be improved in this room of improvement. 

 p/s: baik kan aku teman adik-adik shopping? memang mithali habes. rugi sape tak jadi adik aku.

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