Monday, September 5, 2011

oh may, oh man!

I am Omay. Physically, I'm not tough. I don't play sport, so I guess I'm not that fit. I'm thin. Very thin. I'm not fierce. I'm not loud. I don't have male siblings. I studied at Convent for 6 years.  All in all, I think I can classify myself as 'LEMBIK'. Hehe~

So, can you imagine this LEMBIK girl working in a remote area, at a gas terminal that is congested with guys, horrible roads and  trailers? Yes, there are 79 guys working there and she's the only lady. Sounds scary? Nope, I think that's hot! =) But you know what, working with guys isn't that hard actually:

1. You will feel very special as you are the only rose among the thorns.
2. They will definitely treat you well.
3. Working with guys is way more relaxing than working with ladies. Seriously!
4. Surely less dramas at the workplace.
5. They will respect you more. The best!

It's just that, one thing about guys that you can't avoid is.. their dirty jokes. Have to bear with it. Oh, man.....

Back to the topic, besides the facts of working with all-men, what I'm trying to potray here is that, you will never know your strength until you are tested by Him. Belum cuba belum tahu. Just be positive as much as you can and enjoy the flow. That's what I learnt most about life. So always be strong ladies!

lapar. si kurus mahu supper!

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