Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i, i love u like a love song baby!

What makes you happy?

When you are not working, away from boss and documents, spending your precious weekend with lovely sunshines, staying for a night at a nostalgic place, and the most important thing is, sleeping and lying freely on the UTP bed. Maakk aiiii, sangat sedap comfy gila I tell you! =)

This is muka-muka kepuasan-dapat-tidur-tilam-UTP

And the main purpose of visiting UTP is not because of the tilam only, it's MAR's convocation!!!. I'm really proud and happy for you babe. You did it! 

I, I love you like a long song baby.

When you attend a convocation ceremony, beware of paparazi girlsss.
They were everywhere, but I know, we like it though. =)

I, I love you like a love song baby. I am too carried away with this song I guess.

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