Sunday, December 25, 2011

when ♥ is right here

It was a perfect timing when my family came and visited me for this marvelous weekend. As you know or you might not knowing, I am under high load of pressure lately.So-not-cool. So, when they were here, only God knows, how I felt for the rush of excitement. :) 

The eldest sister who've been ready to bring her family jalan-jalan around KL.
Stripes make her body looks normal, not as skinny as she is in reality. 

Travelling for a short distance with LRT is kinda cute but please ensure to roll on your deodorant. hehe~ Oh by the way, the idea of using tokens to replace tickets is kinda stupid, sorry to whom it may concern.

 Happy to brought them jalan-jalan and leisuring at the heart of KLCC.How much my sisters have grown up you see. Getting taller inch by inch day by day and I am still small.

Ladies in the family (without Nanie) at mom's favourite shopping spot. 

Pampering the tummies with Arabian delights at Half Moon Restaurant. Love your tummy everyday! The rice and tea is awesome and unique.Thank you Kak Da sebab belanja.. :)

So that was the weekend filled with love, laugh, small-fights-macam-selalu, and delicious food. My family already went back home just now and I am home alone as usual updating this blog. Thank you for coming Mum, Dad, and lovely sisters. 


  1. hi dear, salam kenal :)

    bila hati x berapa nak senang dgn adanya family disisi its really work :)