Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the baby blogger

My first thought was “Blog? Ek eleh.Macam busan je. Syok sendiri pon ade”..




Everything changed in a blink of an eye.. Tetibe je.. After a friend of mine, Bellon ku syg, suggested me to read the famous beautiful model, Hanis Zalikha’s blog, my interest starts to bloom and bloom.. (cewahh~) Soon after that, I read my cousin’s blog and also my closed friends’ blog , Jen and Bellon ku syg.. best pulak rase bace blog mereka ini.. dan apa lagi.. saya pun terus rase nak wat blog.. malam tu jugak.. eh, malam ni lah.. =p

I love to WRITE.


Very much.

So, why not start blogging right? Hehe~

p/s: to Mr Boyfriend, thank u for your permission dear.. =)

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