Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sexy can i?

remember barbara mori? the hottest heroin for the high-rated Mexican telenovela, Ruby, on TV3 few years back???? her most recent work is in Kites with costar Hrithik Roshan. am I too late to notice that she is very look alike to the sexiest woman alive, Megan Fox?

who is who?

ok, still can be differentiated at certain angles.
barbara is curvier and prettier in her way, but megan is still the hottest. ye ke?

i leave you with a hot question here: does megan fox ever close her mouth??


  1. kita lagi seksi kot.. haha..tu macam terseksa je.. ;D

  2. haha.. i like that..
    betul2.. tambah2 kat bibir tu.. cam susah nak tutop je.. opppss.. sori megan.. =)

  3. pehh..pose2 gini tgk gmba camni mmg nk posing sexy satu kali

  4. die jongang..haha..tak leh tutup mulut..

  5. bell: same kan.. ade iras2.. cume megan kurus skek..

    hentakberlipat: post ni bace tym malam je.. siang2 kang puase kurg..

    kerak: agak r.. tambah2 gamba 1st tu.. haha~

    hareezi: here come the megan's-backup-man!