Monday, September 13, 2010

face it!

the longer i live, the more i realise that everything happens for a reason. no matter how bad the situation is, there must be at least a single reason that lies behind it.

as a human, you don't run from the challenge. escaping will bring you nowhere.

we face it!

and that will take you to a higher state. a better person. stronger than ever.


  1. betui2.. nak tak nak..kena gak lalui.. kalau tak percaya, tanya diri sendiri.. tengok belakang, tanya hati, macam mana aku boleh dah dewasa macam ni? rasa dulu merengek je.. ;D kan?? dah lalui perubahan umur.. ;D

  2. u r rite! never stop learning from this life.. hehe~

  3. the reason may not come immediately to u, but nonetheless as you said, there's always a reason.

    when life gives you lemon, squeeze them in people's eyes!

  4. betul! it takes some time to reveal the reason. so, make the best lemonade in town!! hehe~