Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my sunshine, yoouuuuuuuuuuu!

i missed a date with NORIZAN and MARZIAH at UTP for some reason i can't explain here. again, i'm so sorry for frustrating you girls a bit. how lonely am i at that point. T_T

BUT 2 -3 days later, He had gave me some sunshine to light up my gloomy windy day back. See, i met them --- CU PAYAH and JENNY from the block!

we eat. we talk. yes, we talked continuously so we took less pictures. sobs~

The smile on your face
Lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand
Says you'll catch me where ever I fall

Meeting your besties is a therapy. =)


  1. nye la tengok pic tu.. lawa.. :D

  2. haha.. mekaseh.. tp xclear sgt la picture tu.. blur2 jugak..

  3. tudung adik.. pinjam la sat.. hihi~