Thursday, September 16, 2010

hey i'm not that short!

what i love most about this raya (besides the quite-impressive amount of duit raya);

'humairah, lainnyer.. dulu kecik jer.. sekarang dah besar..'

'wah humairah.. how can u be this tall..'

hihi.. can't stop smiling when they used the word 'tall'. yeah, i may not be as tall as you, JEN and TY and FATH. eh fathanah tu tinggi ke? but at least i'm not the shortest girl in the class anymore. hihi. syukur di atas tumbesaran ini. have u ever experienced/imagined standing at the very front of a line during assembly every week?? i mean every single week?? penat tau. standing still in one hour, facing teachers' faces. limited movement! kalau tersembang orang sebelah pengawas tulis nama, kalau terduduk pon kena tulis nama. pity little shorty and tiny humairah. yes, i'm not lying, that was primary school's history.

but hey, look at me now.. <----- unsur mengada dan sedikit riak.

still, am not the tallest. but a remarkable growth in vertical direction makes me look taller. =)


  1. haha..xpe. skurang-kurangnya masih ada ketinggian walaupun kerendahan tetap ada.. hehe

  2. kerendahan yang kurang ada la.. itu lagi best.. hehe~