Monday, October 11, 2010

saya mahu jadi doctor! (dulu)

my ambition was to be a doctor. a young, brave, cute doctor with a stethoscope around the neck. (too much of watching ER i guess) but hello?? doctor kott!! it was like everybody's ambition is it??

somehow, sadly, i only got B4 for BIOLOGY! so that's it! (pssst, neway, i think i'm not credible enough to become a doctor because i am too afraid of blood!)

So, my beautiful cousin/crony/partner in crime, Kak Da suggested me to apply for UTP. She said, "don't worry bout money, Petronas will sponsor everything, including laptop". I was like "wow, ok then!!" hehe~ so i followed her. But then, I was very blurgghh about the course selection. Because seriously, I don't like engineering. I asked her opinion, then here are the few feedbacks from her:

Mechanical Engineering: oh, this is only suitable for man, you will handle a lot of machines!
Civil Engineering: erm.. too umum! (?)
Electrical Engineering: this is so tough! you will deal will electrics/electronics stuffs that you can't even understand physically!
Chemical Engineering: Ha, this is suitable for girls like us! (she didn't mention bout FYDP at all)

See, seems like i don't have choices right! Damn, I hate chemistry very much! but according to her suggestions, again, I have to follow her for the sake of my future.

In conclusion, my education path was totally inspired by her. Alhamdulillah, i managed to follow the flow.

Kak Da, with her besties/housemates/corsemates during Convo Dinner.
I am still following her lead, so i will attend Convo Dinner as well to snap a lot of gorgeous pictures! Are you ready girlsss???

And of course the pictures with robe, flowers and lovely families.. =)

Thank you Kak Da, for preparing the path for me to follow. I love Chemical Engineering!!! I DO!! To all my friends, jommmm CONVVOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

FYDP: final year design project (abaikan!)