Sunday, October 3, 2010

xoxo, guys gossip too!

A good friend of mine, a lovely young lady of course, posted something on my facebook's wall. It sounded like this:

E: sumone's married ! aku tau ko dh tau. ko kan stalker plg hebat.

and i replied

O: haha.. tau lahh!! nape ko excited ni..

and there are a few others who had joined our mysterious conversation as well. with high level of curiosity, they kept on asking who and who. guess what, all of the other gossipers are boysss!!! see, guys gossip too! xoxo, gossip boys! erk~

seriously, i do think that guys gossip more than girlss, but they don't really show it in front of the world like what i just did with miss E. hehe~ maybe their more to their mobiles ritee????

it just that, girls are more skilled than boys at making gossip entertaining – three factors are involved:
-highly animated tone,
-plenty of detail and
-enthusiastic 'feedback'.

ok, to be fair and square, i think people gossip too much (eheemm!!), no matter what sex they are! kan???

btw, gossip is not mengumpat! it is more to updating news, good news preferably.. =)


  1. (sori typo tadi terpakse remove demi ego sniri haha.) aku pon rase guys gossip more than girls. and it's way scarier than girls gossiping when it comes to mengumpat! :P

  2. haha.. betul cik yah.. bahase dorg lagi dasat eh sbnarnye.. pastu bnde yang digossip tu pon kadang lebih scary.. xseswai untk semua lapisan masyarakat.. ;p

  3. heh. sebenarnye perlu ke miss E tu post kat wall facebook? kan gtalk ade. mesti la orang curious kan kalau bace. haha memang korang saje kan bergosip di public

  4. oh tu sebab aku offline gtalk la kula.. hehe.. takde muslihat untuk menarik perhatian pon.. ;P

  5. haha..sama je semua. tah2 laki lagi teruk kalau bergosip.. haha.. perempuan, biasa dah..

  6. haha salahkan gtalk yg bengong k~