Friday, June 11, 2010

11 June 2010

It's 11 June 2010.

wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2 special persons in my life.

1. My beloved mommy Puan Zurehan Binti Din.
Happy 45th birthday makk!!

2. My dearest housemate Cik Nur Sarhanah Rosli.

Happy 23rd birthday awakk!!

What i can summarize about the babies born on this date:

They are very romantic and loving in their on way
Very sensitive inside (tears dropped easily which refers to my mom, not sure bout sarhanah)
Perfectionist in keeping the house tidily
Voices are rawwkks

and lastly

They are strong women. That is for sure. =)

sorry. xde gamba. malas nak uplod. perut meracau. sobs~

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