Sunday, June 20, 2010

letting go

I don't want to go another day

So I am telling you exactly what is on my mind

Seems like everybody is breaking up

Throwing their love away

I know i got the good thing right here

That's why I say....

(stick with you, PCD)

  • It's true. seems like everybody is throwing their love away lately. really sad as this has affected quite a number of my friends. i know and may not knowing, they may have 1001 reasons behind this. but i just hope that this will be the very best solution for them.

  • i'm sure. it's never been easy to let go someone that you really love for all the years and time you have spent together. of course, when you love somebody, you will truly love and adore him for whatever and whoever he is. the smile. the smell. the sweet sayings. the sharings. look, no one can easily forget each of these. Because we always say that love is so beautiful and when we fall in love, everything is like in paradise. perfect. smooth. happy. but once we fall out of love, we intent to be angry, frustrated, depressed, helpless. and yes, it is still hurting right?
  • you know, sometimes we have to think on the brighter side of ourselves. why must you hold on to the relationship or why must you hold on to the love you have built if it does not work or does not end up to be a happy ending? why?
  • so, just think about it. ask youself. to let go or to not let go? yes it's hard and painful at the beginning. what good does it do to you if it does not end up with happiness? to let go someone you love, just think of the bad sight that you have encountered with him and the reasons behind the breaking up.

  • and to my beautiful young friends, stop crying dears! move on! stand up for youself. think positive. think of the brighter sights. just believe, there must be a good deed behind all of this. maybe someone way better than him is already waiting for you outside there...=)

for whatever it is, just remember, Miss Omay is here for you~

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