Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh my little fishy

Few days ago, i bought a glass bowl, little fishes and sands.
no need to ask why please. because i'm bored at home. obviously!
one of my sister just moved out from the house. (oh, i haven't mention it here rite? she's at changlun matriculation now)
and the other 2 sisters? they are at school.
and here i am, the only 'yah', the only daughter left in the house during early day time.
so, i need more lives to accompany me....

these are my new lives. hehe~ (refractive index of the glass is quite high maybe)

pstttt pssstt, i have a story to share with all of you about my new friends. here is the story line:

  1. today, my mission is to replace the water inside the bowl coz it looked quite dirty and not as crystal clear as before.
  2. so, i drained out the uncleaned water to the sink at my kitchen
  3. the draining process went out smoothly and suddenly....
  4. pluupp! a little blue fish jumped out from the bowl into the sink. GOD! into the hole of the sink. i was like 'aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! there goes my blue fish!!'
  5. i felt very bad. very sad. yes, u can put the blame on me. i'm careless. my fault! i'm the killer.
  6. and here came the hero. my abah. he checked into the drain out of the kitchen. maybe the blue fish was inside there. but NOPE! NOTHING inside the drain. oh my~ my fish was gone!
  7. then, he asked me to open the water at the sink, to give a flow to the system, maybe my fish was stucked inside the pipe heading to the drain.. (felt like macam tak ade effect pon) 5 seconds.. no! 10 seconds.. no! and 20 seconds.. plluuppp! he was back! my fish was still alive! he was able to swim out of the pipe under the sink with the flow of water and my abah caught him.. yeayyyyy!!!

and now, he is rocking back the bowl. swimming happily with his friends. i'm happy he is safe. very happy. my name is siti humairah and i'm not a terrorrist.(motip??) hehe~ moral of the story, do not bring your bowl of little fishy near the sink! never!

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