Thursday, July 15, 2010


Can you just imagine.
you were having your nice, peaceful, 2 hours of usual jobless daysleep.
and suddenly when you opened your eyes.
your mom was standing right in front of you with a cute shocking pink handbag.
and the best part is when she told you, it was for you!!!

"yah, mak beli beg pink ni untuk yah.
tadi mak pergi kedai AVON. pastu nampak beg ni.
cantik colour dia. murah plak tu.
mak tau yah mesti suka. tu yang mak beli...."

ohh myy goodddd.. (sing it like usher, oohh myyy ggooossshhh~~~)
i'm so touched..
see.. how sweet my mom is and how blissful my life can be.
buka mata, beg depan mata.
cuci mata, mari bergaya.

ok. the colour is not that striking actually. urghh.
the camera is not being nice to me. something wrong with the camera's setting.
but nevermind. the most important is, it's very cute in reality.

and i'm happy!

thank you mak! i love u!


  1. dah la mengangur..banyak tido..bukak mata ade present!!damn!!!

  2. haha.. mmg mengader giler la!