Sunday, July 18, 2010

me, pink and dress

Ok, I LOVE PINK! obviously. hehe. (maybe it is a 'geli' colour for some of you) i even have a folder in My Pictures, named as PINK. it is a collection of cute pink stuffs and everything to do with pink.(lagi geli kan? haha. whatever) when i was browsing the pink dress images on the net, i was brought up to these.

aaaaaa. like like like! very cute and lovely right? have you ever imagine that these were made by toilet papers? yes, they are. hardly to believe is it? i really love how the tissues were used to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. you can check out these amazing creations by top Canadian designers here. to Malaysian designers, can you guys do it? Malaysia boleh! kan? i guess i'm helping you a little bit with a new touch of wedding dress designs. hehe. so, apa lagi?

a toilet tissue a day, make a beautiful dress one day

EH, happy birthday abah! happy 56th birthday. you are more than a father, lighting all my way. love you so much!!. oh, same birth date with Bella Bellon's brother. man, he'll be a good father like my dad. confirm!=)

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