Thursday, July 8, 2010

running in heels

how i wish to run in heels.
yes, i know i am really not good at this.
i can walk, but running in heels?? na-ah!

  1. maybe i'm not that stable to run with the extra inches. (jangan kata heels, pakai selipar pon kadang2 i terbabas ke dlm longkang)
  2. because life can be very very slippery for me. my friends understand this well. hehe~ (besides longkang and tangga, jangan tak tau, lantai depan main hall UTP tu pon i pernah meniarap ok. oh no kamu! *malu gila* but not my fault, it was my frictionless sandal's fault by the way!!)

ok. tripping and falling equals to me.
enough with that. huhu. back to my mission.
i really want to run in heels like the models did.
especially when they went for their go-see.
with all the time constraints, they have to really run in 5-7 inches heels!
wow, really admire them for that.
looking so busy but still supersexy~
uuuuu that is hotness baby~

ready, set, go!
what? running with heels competition?
will see a lot of accidents then. haha~

p/s: practice makes perfect! =)

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