Tuesday, July 20, 2010

learning with ASTRO


do you know that ASTRO has a new channel for children? ASTRO TUTOR TV aims to help kids prepare for the big exams! available on Astro channel 100 from July 18th – Sept 23rd. the channel focuses on revision for important UPSR subjects like English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and Science.


especially if your children or your younger siblings or your niece/nephews are very lazy to open their books. yes. i know, kids nowadays are not like us back then.(80's babies are super hardworking i guess) these younger generations tend to love something more interactive, engaging and fun!So,
  1. Turn on Channel 100
  2. If you want to perform the quiz, push the RED button


udah jadi duta ASTRO pulak aku nih. tapi tidak mengapa. majulah pendidikan untuk negara~ gambar di atas sekadar hiasan. nak promote mesti ada gambar perempuan cantik. tak gitu? hehe~

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