Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my blog has 3G!

hi everybody..

i changed my blog header. see! vintage one. i am REALLY happy because it is centered now. hihi~ but i'm also aware that it is quite 3G which some of you may not like it.

pinkish, flowery here and there, too cute clothes

a perasan-cantik-woman staring at a mirror with the perasan-hot-style

and of course, the wordings in the middle that maybe representing the self-obsession. i don't know. but it is pretty ugly. blame my mouse for that.

in conclusion, for whatever it is, i still love my new header. hehe. and what say you????


  1. i like it too.. hehe.. tapi tulisan tu xleh blah skek..

  2. cool la! dah lama gak nak buat header tapi malas. haha!! ni buat guna photoshop ke?

  3. erk.. fotoshop maria?? haha.. for sure tak!! ni main gugel je gamba nih.. pastu edit2 yg kat tgh tu sket gune paint.. huhu~